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The CORSAIR is designed to be a compact unit integrated with innovative technology. The goal with this design was to have high versatility, be Eco-friendly and fast to deploy with minimal manpower.

mobile production trailer montreal rec4box

Top view


rec4box mobile production montreal


rec4box mobile production montreal


Don’t get fooled by it’s cute looks. The CORSAIR hides a reliable and impressive set of tools below it’s deck. This little guy packs some serious punch!

Being problem solvers, we decided to design and manufacture a trailer, that answered four key goals:

  • Innovative & powerful technology

  • Versatile & user friendly

  • Energy efficient with an Eco-friendly footprint

  • Fast deployment with minimal manpower

The Corsair runs on a regular 50amp breaker which means you could basically plug it into a stove or dryer outlet. Its size makes shooting in the city highly convenient (fits within two parking spaces). This trailer is quickly deployed with only two crew members and can be fully functional within a couple of hours. The 21-foot retractable awning is a useful feature to ensure everyone is sheltered - rain or shine!

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